16 Akshara Sakthis

The Rare Expressions

Emerging from Lord Siva's primordial Damaru (drum) were the 16 Sanskrit vowels called the "Aksharas". Using 16 specifically selected Sanskrit letters with the normal and extended pronunciations in pairs, our Goddess is described in detail, expressing Her unique and distinct features. This is clearly explained in the Siddha Sabara Thanthiram, a scripture that epitomizes the divine meditative verses with esoteric sacred forms.

Appearing from the verses, and intensely meditated upon by the Sages during great Yagnas and Homams, the sixteen Akshara Sakthi manifestations of the Goddess are beautifully sculpted at the Vimana Tower of Sree Maha Mariamman. These statues and sculptures are a mystical visual expression from our ancient Vedic traditions.

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