Sacred Golden Towers, A World's First

Our Temple's Vimanams (the 3 towers directly above the sanctums) painted in gold, is one of its kind to house the rare sculptures of the celestial forms of Sree Vinayagar and Sree Murugan respectively. The presiding Goddess Sree Maha Mariamman's Vimana tower features the rare personification of Her Akshara (16 Sakthis). These forms are only meditated upon during great yagnas and homams and their physical forms are unseen anywhere in the world. With this addition, Our Goddess is now addressed as "Sree Simmapuri Kshethra, Ashta Konaakaara Shotasathala Vimana Athobaga Nivasini, Ashtothra Satha Sakthi Beeda Swaroopini, Sree Maha Mariamman".


A Permanent Yaga Salai (Sacrificial Fire Pit)

Our Temple conducts one of the highest number of yagams and homams. They are religiously done weekly, monthly and in a very grand and unprecedented manner annually. In order to accommodate this specific practise, our Temple has constructed an artistically designed pavilion that houses the ceremonial fire-pit or Yaga Salai. This pavilion in the direction of north-east or Isanam with its grand Homa Kundam is where all related ceremonies are regularly held.

Maha Mandapam, The unobstructed Main Prayer Hall

Our temple has been fortunate to have been designed with the main prayer hall bereft of any pillars. This helps to provide an unobstructed clear view of the three main sanctums and the other supplementary sanctums situated in and around the main prayer hall.

Within the maha mandapam and on the horizontal columns in front of the three main sanctums, the 16 Shodasa Forms of Sree Vinayagar, Sree Murugan and Sree Mariamman have been delicately and intricately crafted.

The amazingly beautiful ceiling murals and sculptures depict Sree Vinayagar, Sree Murugan, Sree Maha Mariamman, Lord Siva in the form of Sree Natarajar and Sree Krishnan. Each has been designed within a vivid but varied version of a lotus and other floral motives.

There are two imposing but grand wall sculptures at the far left and right portions between the main sanctums. One of them represents the Sree Meenakshi and Sree Sundareswarar Holy Wedding Ceremony, solemnized by Sree Vishnu. Another is the scene where Sree Murugan is Conferred the Vel by Sree Sakthi, witnessed by Her consort Lord Siva.

The Temple Perimeter, walls nestled with Artistic Impressions

A stroll around the Temple perimeter will be a pleasure to behold. Especially with the encased intricate sculptures of the scene in kailash, where Sree Vinayagar receives the fruit of Intellect from Lord Siva and Parvathy, much to the astonishment of Sree Murugan. The other sculpture, describes Sree Parvathy feeding the infant Saint Thirugnanasambanthar with the Milk of Intellect in the Sree Brahma Pureeswarar Temple's pond, in Seergali Town. Lord Siva and Nandhi are seen witnessing the miracle with a certain artistic sculptural poise.

Guardians of the eight directions, Boothagi Devathas and the Intimidating Lions

The Temple's Maha Mandapam or Main Prayer Hall is protected with the addition of the eight Boothagi Devathas or the fearsome female guardian deities. They are situated at the top of the first tier of the main prayer hall and with their awesome pair of eyes focusing the eight directions. Each Boothagi is flanked by a pair of ferocious Lions.

Enchanting Entrances

The Temple has five main entrances of which four are tiered columns and pillars that support alluring decorative archways. The pristine Southern entrance welcomes the eyes with intricately carved enthralling pillars and pedestals that depict the many celestial curves and decorative motives.

The Sanctum Sanctorum

The majestic entrance to Sree Maha Mariamman's sanctorum has been restored with elegant floral columns that centrally enshrines Goddess Sree Gaja Laxmi and a pair of the heavenly Ayravatham elephants.

A Sculptural Marvel, Exemplary in its Intricasy

The Simma or Lion, installed behind the bali-bheedham near the Temple's ceremonial flag pole is a magnificent sculptural masterpiece. There, within the slightly opened mouth of the granite lion is a delicately sculpted ball that can move or rotate inside its mouth. Sculptural experts opine that only a selective number of temples in India can pride to possess such a remarkable feature.


Simmapuri Kshetram, An Eternal Temple in the Land of the Lion

Simma, the Lion, is our National symbol. Singapore can be proclaimed as the Simma Puri Kshetram, The land of the Lion.

The Lion is the favoured vahanam (vehicle) of our Sree Maha Mariamman. In order to bless and grace our island and its people, Sree Maha Mariamman has enshrined Herself infinitely here in Her magnificent Temple in Yishun. Do you know that apart from the Granite Lion facing Sree Maha Mariamman, there are more than forty other sculptures of the awesome lion in our Temple?

The Eastern Gateway

The grand eastern gateway has been reinvigorated with sublime additions to the architectural structure that beholds the captivating statues of Sree Vinayagar, Sree Maha Mariamman and Sree Murugan respectively.