Sree Durga Maha Sumangali Pooja

The day that Glorifies One who rides the Lion concurs perfectly with the National Day of Singapore, The Lion City.

  • Dawning from Yishun, the refulgence has expanded beyond the boundaries of Singapore and has engulfed beholding hearts from regions afar, who arrive in multitudes with offerings aplenty.
  • The eternally vestal Kanniga Parameswari, assumes the form of a child during the unique Kanya Durga Pooja.
  • Suvasini Pooja in honour of the personification of absolute auspiciousness, Sree Maheswari.
  • The guardian of the holy matrimonial thread, Mahadevi, is faithfully celebrated by throngs of ardent devotees, when the Mangalya Pooja is performed.
  • The royal auction is hailed for perpetually bestowing tranquil bliss.
  • Devoted maidens abound, the annual Sumangali Poojai will be celebrating its 30th year anniversary.