Distinct Features of

The most popular legends associated with Sri Mariamman, refers to Sri Renuka Devi, the consort of a great Sage Jamathagni Munivar, who was the Father of Parasuraman, a reincarnation of Lord Vishnu.

The Sree Maha Mariamman installed in our Temple is distinctively unique and significantly different. Originally emerging from Lord Siva to destroy the demonic forces led by Mara Suras and reinstate justice, She manifested within our moral world. She is the embodiment of Lord Siva and in representing Him, here in our elegant temple in Yishun, She is seated with Her left leg folded and the right rested, as the celestial Queen of the entire universe. With such poise and grace, coupled with Her captivating and enchanting smile, She is affectionately addressed as Sree Seethala Maha Mariamman.

Her Ornamental Armaments

Majestically enthroned, with emblazing tresses, graceful in appearance and sublime in postures, She resides blissfully in Her divine and propitiously glittering golden temple as Sree Maha Mariamman.

She is surrounded by the 27 invisible Karbavarna Deva forces ensconced in Her Sanctum Sanctorum, with Her rare Akshara manifestations, as sculptures unseen anywhere, at Her towering Vimanam. Her 16 forms of Shodasa Sakthis are installed within the Maha Mandapam. At the tiered roof of the temple, Her 108 Sakthis are represented by 108 Golden Pinnacles and their perpetual presence, illustrated as colourful carvings in the temple halls. The 108 Sakthi Pheedhams are eternally present and are spiritually enshrined within Sree Maha Mariamman Herself.

In conceptualising Her in a central universal expression, the Temple has been architecturally redesigned to depict Sree Ganapathy on Her right lap and on her left, Sree Murugan. New sanctums for Lord Siva and Sree Venkateshwarar represent the Great Mount Kailash and Sree Vaikundam, apparently on Her right and left respectively.

In the varied forms of the Trinity, She is Laxmi, Saraswathy and Sree Durga, amongst them the Divine mid-wife Periyachi. She rules the planets as Navagraha Nayagi and serpents encircle Her as the sacred thread. She caresses Lord Ayyapa and Sree Anjaneyar with Her Intellectual brilliance evermore radiant with the new installation of Sree Metha Dakshinamoorthy.

Thus the verse from Kaarana Agama Proclaims, "Mara Sura Vathothyutha Maha Marithee Naamnathaha".

    Akshara Sakthis